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Friday, August 12, 2011

August Birdie just for you!!!! (August 12)

With so much record  high temperatures and another severe summer drought, the best place to be is a cool room...such is the case in south Georgia.  To boot, add the thousands of acres burned....
I bring you this bird to heighten your day!!!!!!!!

Pattern Name:    August Bird
Designed By:    Tonia Pappan
Company:    OakHaven Designs
Copyright:    1999-2011

Fabric:    Aida 14, White
    69w X 36h Stitches
Size(s):    14 Count,   4-7/8w X 2-1/2h in
    28 Count,   2-3/8w X 1-1/4h in
    32 Count,   2-1/8w X 1-1/8h in
    36 Count,   1-7/8w X 1h in
Floss Used for Full Stitches:
    Symbol    Strands    Type    Number    Color
    E    2    DMC    500    Blue Green-VY DK
    K    2    DMC    501    Blue Green-DK
    G    2    DMC    740    Tangerine
    X    2    DMC    791    Cornflower Blue-VY DK
    c    2     DMC    792    Cornflower Blue-DK
    L   2     DMC    793    Cornflower Blue-MD
    1    2    DMC    3807    Cornflower Blue
Floss Used for Back Stitches:
    Symbol    Strands    Type    Number    Color
        1    DMC    310    Black
Notes: Thank you for supporting designers by not making
copies of this design and passing to friends,kit up, or sell* in any manner.

Stay Safe!!!!!!
Happy Stitching!