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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It be raining ice pellets in Brunswick, Ga!!!

Hi there all!

I am so beside myself as it is doing something that hasn't been done since 1989, when we got 6 inches of snow*,  where I live!!  After a slow rain all night, the temp is dropping instead of rising this morning.
Hooray, we are really having a winter this year.  We are having snappy cold days one after the other, although it is the pits that it warms right back up to 70 and then another boom comes!!  LOL
Since we stopped having winters, 14 years ago and I went wheelchair bound,  I gave all my pants to my nieces up north.  I have 3 pair of thin pants......The rest are shorts.....har!! har!!
I can't go outside anyway....
I wonder......we are having a winter* since late October,  are we heading back to normal weather for us...finally??!
I do detest heat for 9 months out of the year...3 months mild(60's, 70"s).
Now, California is going through drought like we did for 8 years around here.
Jacksonville, Fl has been slammed with rain the past year.  We didn't get anywhere near that amount. was rain!

So, all you snow birds be careful with the wicked winter that yall are having this year....
Until next time...
Happy Stitchings!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I'm bacccccccck......(January 25th)

Good Afternoon Stitchers!!!!
I know...I know....I have been very naughty...The time really got away from me. I was, also, making a decision.
Mom's passing was a slow down for me, too.  I really came to grips about what is important in my life.  I knew
this one since I lost my best friend years ago...ALWAYS tell those and show them how much you love them...
you may not get to tomorrow.
I was bouncing back and forth (like Tigger ) could I fully retire?  Did I really want to?  I, still, dream up patterns
so I guess that part of me want be silenced.  LOL!  I want to stitch more,  I am heavy into my game playings,  I
dabble in crocheting, I want to start painting cross stitch fabrics,  I got a whole bunch of paint colors, I cut back
on  going to the country to my friend-Dot's place to Sundays-for girl day.  It's just Dot, Kathy, & me-all the guys
stay away!!  I lost 2 of my old birds* this summer, 1 that laid eggs...
My doggies are all fine!!  Babee Girl has really come out of her shell!!  She will spin and spin around when she
wants your snack!!  July has grown into the "chosen Doberman on duty".  You'd swear that she'd take your arm
or leg off.....big touch her, she melts into much for bad a** Doberman!
My Friends...........HEAR YE......HEAR YE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Georgia is having her first winter in over 10 years or more!!!!!  I am LOVING it!!!!  It is so freaky seeing that we
are colder than California!! My kitty Echo is feeling it, too.  He know longer wants to go out!!!!!!  I have no
winter clothes anymore, I have 3 pair of pants.  I usually wear shorts year round!  We are getting rain, not too much where I live, but every drop we need.  California is feeling what we felt for 6 years.  Jacksonville, Fl has gotten so
much rain this & last year...we are only an hour and a half north!!
Joe and I have been blessed with no major illness. 
I did close my Group* January.  I hated what yahoo did anyway.  Since the strokes I don't do major changes at all.
We had a good Thanksgiving spending it with Dot and her bunch and Kathy and Tim.
Joe and I have a peaceful, cold Christmas.  Loved it.
Santa Joe got me a new Nintendo 3DS XL.  The blue one with a gorgeous Pokemon Buck on it.  It sold out
quickly.  The other was a red hawk and it sold out.  They are limited editions.  Pokemon is a DS game.  The new ds game units are in 3D & NO glasses needed!  Stunning!
The 3DS games I have are:
Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Luigi's Mansion-Dark Moon, Rabbids Travel in Time, The Legend of Zelda-A link between worlds, Etrian Odyssey Untold-The Millennium Girl, & Fire Emblem-Awakening.
The DS XL games:
Pokemon Black, Pokemon White,  Shin Megami Tensei:Strange Journey.  You can play any ds game on the 3d unit.  Just slide the 2d button on.  I want to get Bravely Default* when it comes out on the 7th of Feb.  The New Kirby Triple Deluxe looks good, too.  They haven't a date on that one.
I got a bunch of movies, too.  So.....nice and peaceful....
Here is a Valentine treat for you!!!

Pattern Name:    Magic is
Designed By:    Tonia Pappan
Company:    OakHaven Designs
Copyright:    1999-2014
Fabric:    Aida 14, Cream
    60w X 53h Stitches
Size(s):    14 Count,   4-1/4w X 3-3/4h in
    28 Count,   2-1/8w X 1-7/8h in
    32 Count,   1-7/8w X 1-5/8h in
    36 Count,   1-5/8w X 1-3/8h in
Floss Used for Full Stitches:
    Symbol    Strands    Type    Number    Color
    J    2    DMC    304    Christmas Red-MD
    X   2    DMC    310    Black
    E   2    DMC    321    Christmas Red
    c    2    DMC    498    Christmas Red-DK
    P   2    DMC    816    Garnet
    7   2    DMC    971    Pumpkin
    L   2    DMC    B5200    Snow White
Floss Used for Back Stitches:
    Symbol    Strands    Type    Number    Color
        1    DMC    310    Black
        1    DMC    816    Garnet
Notes: Please do not make copies* of this design and pass*
to friends, kit up or sell* in any fashion.

Stay Safe!