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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hi there Stitchers!
I now that I have been away for sometime.  I have just been getting some things done around here.  Plus, I am fixing to start something NEW for me..............................
Crocheting!  I am loving the little Amigurumi.   I got the Pinterest, too!!!!!  See?!?!? 
I bought lots of crochet needles and yarns and threads in assorted sizes and colors.  Got to start with easy before I move up to the teeny tiny Amigurumi!!!!
The Pinterest can spend some time ,too!!!!
Wish me luck and the power to stay with crocheting!!!!

And now,  something new for you to sink your stitching fingers into.....
The is the largest piece that I have offered here!!
I think I got it down to small charts with big symbols!! 
I hope that you like this!

I will be back to post new charts & key!!!


Tara said...

Beautiful chart :) Can I get the key for it please?

Pinterest is dangerous! I haven't been on it for a while. I've been stitching on some old wip. I'm close to a finish :)

Toniastitches said...

Oh Lord..........duh.............

So sorry!!!

Sali Soli said...

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Love Crochet said...

Your charts are absolutely incredible!

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Miss LindaLee said...

Hi Tonya. I bought a chart from someone about three years back and now can't get into my old computer to print it out. I believe it may have been you that I purchased it from. The name of it was either, "A Stitcher's Language" or "Language of Stitching". The name may not be spot on, but it's close. Do you know of this chart and if so, how can a purchase it once again? Thank you so much.

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Arianne Arianne said...

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