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Friday, June 26, 2015

I do hope this post finds yall in good health and spirits!!! 
I went to my therapy session today.  It was a great session, as I remembered all the exercises for pins, tab logs, screw tabs, 2 different hand squeezing tools, and another item I forgot....LOL!   As she did the bending of all my fingers, stretches, palm pressings, each 30 times each.  I could, still, be doing all this for 6 months.....I took a pain pill when I got home, as my hands hurt.  I am so glad that I was smart enough to have both hands done at the same time!!!!!!
God blessed me as there are no infections!!!!  I can use hand lotion now, too!
Now for this gift that I made for you...........................Enjoy!!!!
 Pattern Name: Family Pride
Designed By:   Tonia Pappan
Company:    OakHaven Designs
Copyright:    1999-2015
Fabric:    Aida 14, French Blue
    72w X 46h Stitches
Size(s):    14 Count,   5-1/8w X 3-1/4h in
    28 Count,   2-1/2w X 1-5/8h in
    32 Count,   2-1/4w X 1-3/8h in
    36 Count,   2w X 1-1/4h in
Floss Used for Full Stitches:
    Symbol    Strands    Type    Number    Color
    J    2    DMC    221    Shell Pink-VY DK
    P    2    DMC    353    Peach
    V    2    DMC    728    Topaz
    F    2    DMC    796    Royal Blue-DK
    H    2    DMC    797    Royal Blue
    C    2    DMC    820    Royal Blue-VY DK
    R    2    DMC    869    Hazelnut Brown-VY DK
    K    2    DMC    3721    Shell Pink-DK
    N    2    DMC    3722    Shell Pink-MD
    L    2    DMC    B5200    Snow White
Floss Used for Back Stitches:
    Symbol    Strands    Type    Number    Color
        1    DMC    310    Black
        1    DMC    B5200    Snow White
Notes:  A GIFT for you!!!  Please send your friends to this Blog
so that they can get their own copy of this design!
Happy Stitching!!  Tonia at OakHaven Designs since 1999!

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