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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Good evening Stitchers!
First day in over a week that it hadn't rained....yet....LOL!  Sun is in her brilliant splendor & hot!
Getting ready to go in the house and watch some shows and eat supper.
Here is a gift for you to stitch up!  Enjoy!!!
Pattern Name:  Freedom
Designed By:   Tonia  Pappan
Company:    OakHaven  Designs
Copyright:    1999-2015
Fabric:    Aida 14, Blue
    79w X 35h Stitches
Size(s):    14 Count,   5-5/8w X 2-1/2h in
    28 Count,   2-3/4w X 1-1/4h in
    32 Count,   2-3/8w X 1h in
    36 Count,   2-1/8w X 0-7/8h in
Floss Used for Full Stitches:
    Symbol    Strands    Type    Number    Color
    H    2    DMC    158    Cornflower Blue-MD VY DK
    R    2    DMC    301    Mahogany-MD
    Y    2    DMC    310    Black
    F    2    DMC    321    Christmas Red
    B    2    DMC    353    Peach
    7    2    DMC    520    Fern Green-DK
    D    2    DMC    666    Christmas Red-BRT
    L    2    DMC    676    Old Gold-LT
    N    2    DMC    680    Old Gold-DK
    M    2    DMC    729    Old Gold-MD
    J    2    DMC    791    Cornflower Blue-VY DK
    G    2    DMC    792    Cornflower Blue-DK
    K    2    DMC    834    Golden Olive-VY LT
    C    2    DMC    3801    Christmas Red-LT
    P    2    DMC    3829    Old Gold-VY DK
    V    2    DMC    3859    Rosewood-LT
    W    2    DMC    3862    Mocha Beige-DK
    X    2    DMC    3865    Winter White
Floss Used for Back Stitches:
    Symbol    Strands    Type    Number    Color
        1    DMC    310    Black
        1    DMC    3829    Old Gold-VY DK
A GIFT for you!!!  Please send your friends to this Blog
so that they can get their own copy of this design!

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