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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

**Avatar movie**

Good morning!
We had a dusting on rain sometime during the night and it was welcomed!  We need more, however!   It is a nice April 21, though!  Hugging these April tempts!!!  I will miss them when they are gone!!  Trust me!
Well....I am abit spoiled at my video store that I rent from.....LOL....I got Avatar yesterday!  I have not seen it, as I can't manage theaters anymore.  It you have not seen it.......WOW....take time and DO!  No "nasty" in the whole movie, but, there are fighting scenes, not blood and gore, either!!  I want take away any from the movie, until its stateside release..BUT, it is a gorgeous movie and great story..  So.....RENT IT!!!

Take care of you!


Terry said...

I'm looking forward to seeing it again on my own television. I loved seeing it in the theater in 3D but now I want to be able to pause it when I need a soda or more popcorn. lol HOpe all is well with you on this beautiful Wednesday afternoon!

SouthernComfortknc said...

It has definate Political undertones that we as a society are facing right now. I did enjoy the movie however. I'm enjoying your little 'gifts'. Keep 'em coming. I'm in the process of arranging them into a sampler.

Labella Labella said...

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