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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hi there Cross Stitchers!!
I want to welcome you to my pages! I am a cross stitch Designer and stitcher! I first started out by designing for my deceased best friend, Sarah, that was a floss dyer(white or off white flosses then dyed!)who needed patterns for trying out her many stunning colors.
Time moved on and it was time for me to open my own website, which I did in October 1999.
I then had 2 websites 1 for looking* and a store* website.
I am attracted to many styles of stitching. This migrated to my designing! You will find many styles!
Traditional Samplers did not come to me until after Sarah's untimely death. Sarah design Samplers! It was like she was in my head...I just kept designing soooooo many different ones. It was spooky for me as I didn't really *care* for samplers when Sarah was alive!!!!
Most---98%---were designed in a span of 3 years with 8 months, of that with NO computer, as I was stranded in another state with health problems!
Yes, designs are in may head, screaming to get out!!!
What I want to bring to this Blog is a chance for stitchers out there to see my works, both stitched and designs!
I have a Yahoo Group, too! This is where you will find ALL of my designs!! I have dozens and dozens of Gift designs for download there, too!


Mzplcdokie said...

Great beginnings! I am anxious to see more entries over time. Just remember it is kinda like a journal for your stitching and designing and it will be a huge success.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Welcome to blogworld! Great beginning!!

audrey lefour said...

It is for the first that I just visited your site and I find it really interesting! Congratulations!

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Labella Labella said...

Mille merci pour tout.
Tu es incroyable, mille bisous pour toi.
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