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Monday, April 19, 2010

Here are pics...

of my 2 youngest nieces, daughters of my sitiser, Liz!  They were taken a couple of years ago, however, because my surgery and last stroke* put me in my place at home.....grumble......

Tori is looking at the camera in last picture!  She had 2 changes in the play at Christmas-The Nutcraker* in Atlanta!!!!  She IS NOT shy!!  Took it like a fish in water!!  I am always proud of these girls!!
The reason that Arynne's pic is not so good, as this was taken at her school!  Her paper that she wrote was in the news up there on TV!!!  This little Miss is a brain!  LOL!  Straight A's!  She DOES NOT have a Durante nose!  LOL!  The shadows made it look weird....looks like her baby sis's nose!  Today is Monday-April 19th...breezy and warming up in Georgia!  I spent yesterday designing a bunch of 4th of July designs!  So...stay tune to these pages, as there could be a surprise!!!



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